Facebook China The Easy 3 Step Guide

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The 3 Step Guide On How To Get Facebook In China

Are you currently in China and having trouble accessing Facebook?  As you probably found out the hard way, Facebook China is blocked and that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

It may seem extremely unfair and frustrating but fortunately I have found a super secret way around this restriction.  The solution is very simple and will have you “LIKING”, “SHARING” and “COMMENTING” on your friends walls in mere minutes.

I’m are not certain what the exact reasoning is behind China’s dislike for Facebook, but it seems that China is very weary about lots of Internet sites and activities.  However, China can really only block sites from computers located in China.

What if you were able to make your computer seem like it was somewhere else in the world, while really still residing China?  That’s exactly what you need to do, its called a VPN!

A VPN is a download-able software solution that allows you to pick and choose your computer’s “home” address.  So even if you’re physically located in China, you can use a VPN to make websites think you are in the USA (or anywhere else for that matter).

This then unblocks all the sites you want to access from China, including Facebook!

Now you maybe thinking this all sounds to complex and difficult, but don’t worry about it, its easy and I’ll show you how in just three simple steps.

Step #1: Register With The Best

The very first step is to head on over to HMA and get registered with them.  The reason I recommend HMA is that I have found them to be the most high quality, top notch reliable VPN solution.  They literally have thousands of VPN addresses to chose from.

With HMA, a Pro level VPN is created between your computer and Facebook.  Routing your connection this way forces Facebook to see your computer residing in the USA.  When Facebook thinks your in the US it allows you immediate access and instantly removes the website restriction.

Step #2: After Registration, You Can Download The Easy To Use Software

HMA can be used on both PC’s or Macs.  Heck it even works with any smart phones too.  Once you get your new HMA account you can then download their software onto your computer:  Its a quick download so, you’ll be “Liking” on Facebook from China soon!

With HMA You Can Access Facebook in China

After downloading; just choose a US server location from the many available.  Don’t get overwhelmed with how many US server locations there are.  I recommend making the choice to have the software pick “Random 10 closest servers based on Geographical location.”  This will ensure that you switch things up periodically and also have the quickest connection to your current location as well.

Set Up HMA To Get Facebook in China

Step #3: Access Facebook China

This is the easiest and best step by far.  Now that you have access to Facebook China you can login (if you already have a Facebook account) or setup your very first account! Either way you can now sit back and get up to speed on what all your family and friends have been up to.

Remember, that you will not be able to access HMA‘s website while in China so it’s important to sign up for HMA before you leave for China.

Now that your on Facebook from China, can you do me one HUGE favor?  Give me some love and tell your friends about these guides!  Thanks in advance!

How Much Does It Cost?

I have personally been using HMA for nearly 2 years now, and before then tried countless ways to unblock sites around the world.  HMA is hands down the very best Pro VPN available on the market, with its huge library of US servers it is the most reliable.

With VPNs bigger is better! [tweet it]

With HMA having 16,917 different IP addresses (and counting) you can rest assured to be able to access Facebook anytime you want, even from China.  At only 6.55 per month, it truly is an amazing bargain.

I am so confident in HMA as a product that I even recommended it to my Mom!  As everyone knows, you don’t recommend just anything to your mother!

Now I get that some people can still be skeptical, I totally understand, so if you’re still not certain then rest assured by HMA’s 30-day money back guarantee.  You can use HMA for an entire month and fully test drive this product at zero risk.

Now you probably found this web page primarily to find a way to access Facebook China.  However, there is so much more you can access once you have HMA.  You can now access the spectacular TV show network Hulu, or radio station websites like Pandora, Spotify and even the BBC’s iPlayer.

Finally, if you still need one more reason to trial this service then head on over to HMA’s review page and read just how many satisfied customers HMA already has.  HMA is no fly by night website company, the are the best of the best when it comes to VPN services.

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