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How To Get Facebook in VietnamIf you live in or visit Vietnam regularly then you probably already know that Facebook is blocked for you.  We can all make guesses on why the leaders in Vietnam feel that Facebook Vietnam needs to be blocked, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is.

So you’re just out of luck until the leaders of Vietnam come to their senses right?

No, not right!

We have discovered a simple way to get around this silly restriction.  Before we share with you this amazing secret we want to explain the basics of how you are being blocked.

Every single computer that connects to the web has something call an IP address.  An IP address your computer’s version of a home address.  When you reach out to sites that government officials don’t think you should be accessing, they block them via these geographically based IP addresses.

So you just need to change your IP address so it doesn’t look like you are located in Vietnam.  The solution to this problem is a popular software solution called HMA.

When HMA is launched it provides your computer a virtual IP address.  Now here the truly powerful part of HMA, it lets you choose an IP address from anywhere in the world.  If you want your IP address to be in Chicago, Illinois in the USA…you can do that!!  Just check out all the US-based server locations!  And we can confidenly stay that that Facebook is not restricted in Chicago.

So your probably wondering how much such an amazing and powerful tool HMA costs.  Well the good news is, it’s much less than most people think.  We’ll get to more on pricing in the minute, but just know that HMA costs less than one McDonald’s value meal per month.

First Step To Getting Facebook Vietnam

First and foremost head on over to HMA’s website where you can get signed up.  The sign up process is pretty easy and you just need to follow HMA’s basic step by step instructions.

Now if your still on the fence about paying for HMA then consider this.  First of all getting Facebook Vietnam unblocked is just the tip of the iceberg with HMA.  Have you ever hear of Pandora Internet Radio?  or how about HULU?  Well these are both unblocked now too with HMA.

HMA is a VPN software solution.  They are used all over the world by millions of people for various reasons.  Many people use VPN’s in order to protect there computer from hackers in public wifi connection hubs.  So with HMA you can connect to public wifi connections with confidence.

 Second Step Is Download HMA’s Powerful PRO VPN Software

After getting signed up with HMA you will now have access to there software download area.  Once you get to that page on HMA’s website, follow there step by step download instructions.

Use HMA To Access Facebook in Vietnam

Now that the software is downloaded to your computer, you must launch the software, login with your personal username and password.  Then you have a couple of options.  You can select which location you would like to use as your IP address.  We recommend using a USA based location to get most of the sites you interested in unblocked, including Facebook Vietnam.

Set Up HMA To Get Facebook in Vietnam

Third Step Facebook!

There you have it, thanks to HMA, you should now be able to access Facebook from Vietnam without any restrictions.  If this is your first time on Facebook then setup your profile and go find a few of your friends.

And if you a Facebook profile already then you know what to do ;).

Either way, we have one last request.  If you are now able to access Facebook due to this guide then please share it with your friends and give us a bit of “Like” love, thanks.

Going Viral

The viral phenomenon has been around since cavemen used the “you tell three friends the T-Rex is coming”… that is what facebook is best at, making things go viral.  Since we’ve also noticed that cute cat pictures also tend to have a higher liklihood of going viral we created the following image to help spread the word to your friends in Vietman.  Can you please share this page on facebook so everyone in Vietnam knows that they too can get Facebook.  Wait, won’t this mean that those people will already have facebook?

Okay, new direction.

Please copy this link:


and email it to your friends! Thanks!

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