How To Get American Netflix In Canada

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How To Watch American Netflix In CanadaBy the end of this post, you’ll finally know how to get American Netflix In Canada.

You may or may not already know this so I’m going to go ahead and state a fact just to be clear, Netflix Canada’s content library is weak!  You live in Canada and you have Netflix but the value for your money is being limited by US content restrictions.

What would you say to the proposition that for just a couple of extra Loonies per month you could get a massive upgrade to your current Netflix Canada account?   Your probably thinking “I’d love to hear more”.

Before I share the secret behind getting the massive American Netflix In Canada upgrade, I need to do a little education first:

  • Netflix’s content is restricted by your country location
  • If you live in Canada you get access to one specific list of movies and shows and if you live in the USA you get a different list of available movies and shows
  • These country specific lists are massively different, especially between Canada and America

What do you think happens if you login to Netflix Canada from an American location?  Well, you get the massive American Netflix library!!  Sweet!

Now that you understand the basic issue at hand, next you must get a basic lesson on the power of a VPN.  A VPN is a software solution that hides your computer default address and replaces it with a virtual address.  The beauty of this is if you choose a high quality VPN you can select which country you want your computer to virtually reside in.  This simple but amazing software program is the key to unlock all the massive Netflix content that you are currently missing out on.

How To Get American Netflix In Canada

Get registered with HMA.  HMA is the best software solution for the price that I have found.  It’s extremely easy to setup and use and it has a huge selection of virtual locations to choose from.  It also has rock solid reliability so you can have confidence in it working the way you would expect.  I have been using HMA now for nearly 2 years and couldn’t be happier with it.

Download Time

Now that you have signed up with the best pro VPN provider HMA, its time to download the software package onto your computer.  Just make your way over to the download section of HMA and follow the step by step instructions provided.

Step 1 To Get American Netflix In Canada

One tip we suggest during the initial software setup is to choose to have the software “randomly select the 10 most geographically nearest US cities”.  This ensures that each time you go to us HMA you are getting a fresh IP address to use.

Step 2 To Set Up HMA So You Can Watch US Netflix Canada

Tough Decisions

The Difference When Watch American Netflix in CanadaThe final step in this 3 step process is to head on over to Netflix, take a look through the new much larger US library and decide what to watch first.

You might be shocked at, thanks to HMA, how many more options that you have now that you have access to the US Netflix library from Canada.  Although the number of titles in each library isn’t publicly reported by Netflix it’s widely recognized that the US library is somewhere between 3 and 10 times larger than the Canadian library.

I don’t know about you but if I couldn’t get the US library I wouldn’t be happy paying the same price up here in the great white north if I couldn’t access the much larger Netflix library from the United States.

Check out the image to the right from my iPhone… even Netflix tells you that “you’ll notice that your choices for streaming will vary country to country.”

It really is just that simple.  If you followed these steps then now you know how to get American Netflix in Canada.

Why Are You Still Reading?!?

Just kidding, happy to see that you’re throughout and want to take in every work of this guide.  If you’re still here you’re probably still wondering a few things about HMA.  Let me start out by telling you, that if you’re concerned with the legality of this, HMA has the following to say: “Yes, the use of VPN is legal. ”  In fact, millions of people use VPNs for a variety of reasons each and every day.

What’s even better is with HMA you can also get full access to Pandora Radio, Spotify and even the American version of Netflix’s library.  All of this free content can be access on demand for the equivalent of a couple of convenient store big gulps.  Or how about the equivalent to a few Tim Horton’s double-double’s each month.

I believe in the HMA VPN solution so much that I even recommended it to my Mother.  You don’t just make a recommendation like that lightly!

Finally, HMA offers a 100%, 30 day money back. So you get to test drive HMA for an entire month and if your not 100% satisfied you can ask for a refund no questions asked.  This is a no risk and all reward proposition.

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