How To Get American Netflix In Europe

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Getting American Netflix from Europe is simple if you learn how to do it.  This article will show you step by step how to do just that.

If you found this article then there’s a good chance that you already know just how amazing the US version of Netflix is.  Of course, the main reason why is because of amount of movies/shows available.  Its been estimated that the American Netflix Library has Thousands more movies/shows for your viewing pleasure than other Netflix Libraries.

So if you can upgrade your Netflix account by potentially Thousands of movies/shows (easily) then its definitely worth pursuing. Right?  Of course!

First: Choose the right step by step guide.

Before jumping straight into the step by step guide, you’ll need to know which European country you currently live in.  This is because some European countries already have a Netflix available (but not the US version).  These countries have one less step necessary to getting American Netflix Library.

So if you live in Ireland, UK, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden then click here for your Step by Step guide.

If you do not live in any of these countries then choose this Step by Step guide.

Step by Step Guide for those living in Ireland, UK, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden

Maybe you already have a Netflix account…awesome!  Then your ready to for the next step.  However, if you don’t have a Netflix account yet then take a minute to get one over at Netflix and once your done, come right back here for the second step.

Now that you have yourself a Netflix account, you’ll need to trick Netflix into thinking you are logging in from within the USA.  That’s it!  You just need to send your computer on a virtual holiday and you’ll have full access to the American Netflix Streaming Library.

The good news is that its easier than you think if you use the right tools.   A tool that is an expert at computer virtual holidays is called HMA.  HMA takes your computers internet connection and reroutes it through one of there many secure servers.  You can send your computer on a virtual holiday to anywhere HMA has a severer….which equals hundreds of different global locations (including the USA).

So at the core: Getting HMA Equals Getting American Netflix.

To get HMA, you first need to sign up.  Its quick and easy and the most difficult decision will be how large of a discount you want.  I believe HMA is such an incredible value, but if you sign up for a full year, they drop the monthly price by nearly half!!  Plus HMA not only works for getting American Netflix but also unblocks ALL geographically blocked sites such as HULU, Pandora Internet Radio and Spotify Radio!

Now that your an HMA member, you can login and access the HMA Pro VPN software area.  Choose the operating system that’s right for computer and install.

Download HMA for Netflix Europe

 After install, go ahead and launch this newly installed software and login with your HMA username and password.

HMAs pro VPN software dashboard has lots of options but most are not needed to get US Netflix.  The only thing you need to change is to select which US city you want to reside in.   Personally, I just choose the option to randomly select the closest 10 US cites and never have to worry about it again.

HMA Dashboard Setup

After selecting a US city, you can click on the connect to VPN button. Let the software run for just a few moments and once its connected your done.  Now you can head on over to Netflix, login and since Netflix sees you located within the US (thanks to HMA) you’ll have full access to the American Netflix Content Library.  That is how you get American Netflix in Europe…Enjoy!

Step by Step Guide for those NOT living in Ireland, UK, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden

This guide is written for those who live in Europe, but Netflix has not yet expanded into your specific country.  In order to get the American version of Netflix you’ll first need to setup a Netflix account.

Fortunately, this is a relatively easy step if you have the proper tools and knowledge.  The easiest way to set up a Netflix account for you is to purchase a Netflix gift card (will be needed for a future step) and use a special software to hide your computers location.

This software is necessary to both 1) setup a Netflix account and 2) to get the American Netflix Content Library.  The software I’m referring to is called HMA.

The way HMA works is that it reroutes your internet connection through their hundreds of servers making it look like your computer is located somewhere else in the world.  HMA allows you to choose which country you want to virtually locate your computer (like the USA for example) anytime you want.

Since getting HMA is the key to success, I recommend you head on over to there site and become a member right now.

You’ll need to share some basic information and get a username and password setup.  You’ll also have the option to save a ton of money (nearly half) if you sign up for an entire year.  HMA is such a deal since it allows you to unblock sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Pandora Internet Radio and virtually another other geographically blocked site you can think of.  Awesome!

After you are finished signing up, you will be able to access HMAs members only download area.

Download HMA for Netflix Europe

In this download section,  you will need to select the appropriate operating system for your specific computer and install it.

Once installed, you can launch the software and login with your membership username and password.

You should now see the Pro VPN dashboard.  You may notice that there are quite a few options you can choose from the dashboard but don’t get overwhelmed, you only need to choose which US city to reside in.  One way to make it super easy is to select the nearest 10 cities randomly and you’ll never have to worry about setup again.

HMA Dashboard Setup

Then push the “Connect” button and let HMA work its magic.

Now that you have HMA connected, you can use your purchased Netflix gift card to setup a US Netflix account.  During the account setup process, you will need to provide a US zip code so pick a random one by searching online or 90210 should work as well.

You will now have a new Netflix account AND have full access to the USA Content Library….all thanks to HMA!!

Now you will be able to login and access all this juicy American Netflix content anytime you’d like as long as your routing your connection securely through HMA.   That is how you get Ameican Netflix in Europe…Enjoy!

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