How To Get American Netflix in Ireland

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How to get netflix IrelandIf you want to know how to get American Netflix in Ireland then I have some good news.   American Netflix is available in Ireland and it’s easy to do if you know the right trick.

Before showing you the simple trick, lets chat about why you would want to upgrade your Netflix to the US version.

Due to licensing restrictions, many great shows are only available with a US Netflix account.  Netflix Ireland is OK, its got some good content but when compared to American Netflix its obviously inferior.

There’s not way to know exactly how many more shows the American version of Netflix has compared to Ireland’s Netflix but it has been estimated to be in the thousands range of shows/movies.


Now that I have peeked your interest, I will show you just how easy it is to get full access to the American Netflix from Ireland.  All you need is a powerful software called HMA.

What HMA does is hides your computers location by rerouting your connection through one of there hundreds of servers.  That way it seems to Netflix that your located outside of Ireland (like the USA!)

If Netflix believes your are in the US, then Netflix will kindly show you the American content library….no questions asked.   Sounds pretty sweet??  Well YES…Yes it is!

Step By Step Guide On How To Get American Netflix In Ireland

To harness the power of HMA you must register with them first.  They will need some pretty basic information.  Then you’ll get to decide how much money to save.  You can choose monthly (worst value) up to annually (best value) for HMA’s powerful service.

If you think about it, at the best value your looking at a price of less than a couple of pints of brew.  Seriously that’s a steal for this massive Netflix upgrade.

Once your signed up you will have full access to the customers only area of HMA.  Login under HMA’s Pro VPN ares then choose the download tab.

Download HMA for Netflix Ireland

You should know what operating system you have and just need to pick the one that corresponds too your specific computer.

Now just let that download for a few minutes.  Good things come to those who wait…as the saying goes.

Once its finished downloading, find the downloaded file, open to start the installation.

Now you can run the software, however you’ll need to login once the software opens with you customers login and password information you used during your initial registration process.

The final step is to choose an American city to reside in.  Any east coast city will do and now your ready to hit the “connect to VPN” button.

HMA Connection Setup

Now you can just make you way over to Netflix (with HMA turned on) and if everything is setup correctly you can login to your current Ireland based Netflix account and get access to all the American Netflix Library.

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