How To Get Spotify Outside Of The USA

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How To Listen To Spotify Outside Of The USA - The Essential GuideSo, you want to know if it’s possible toget Spotify outside of the USA?  Great news!  Heck yes, it’s possible!

Most people will always consider Pandora to be the best online music streaming site on the internet but Pandora better start looking over their shoulder as Spoitify is making waves with their desktop and mobile based applications.

The biggest difference between the patriarch (Pandora) and the new up-and-comer (Spotify) is that Spotify can only be access from desktop application or their mobile app.

What people really love about Spotify is that is plays really nice with Facebook and you can can share your favorite tunes and what you’re listening to with your friends.

The biggest downside to Spotify is that you can only access their service from the desktop or mobile app meaning that if you’re working on a public, or shared, computer that you can’t install programs on you won’t be able to tap into spotify’s 8 million plus song music library.

If you are looking to access an online music radio site that you can stream from anywhere then check out our guide on how to get Pandora outside of the USA.

If you’re looking to get Spotify on your home computer, mobile phone or any other device that you have the authority to download programs to then I highly recommend that you download spotify and give it a try.  It’s really one of the best, and biggest, music library available to access for free.

By following the guide below you are going to unlock spotify and literally add millions of songs for free (yes, I said millions).

 Chances are you have tried to go over to Spotify’s website to download their program and you’ve seen a picture like this:

There Is No Need To Wait Get Spotify Outside Of TheUSA

Where Spotify tells you that you can enter your email address and they’ll let you know when they get around all of the red tape so they can offer their service in your country.

The problem is that it might be a very long time or it might not happen at all!  In the mean time you can follow these 4 easy steps below to access Spotify outside of the USA.

Step #1: Get HMA

HMA is the most important part of this guide is a service that I refer to as HMA.  If you want to see their full real name then click here but it is a little PG-13 (but don’t worry, it’s safe for work).  Since I like to keep the language on G-rated at all times I will simply refer to this service as HMA rather than their naughty name.

I want to make sure that you know the reason I recommend HMA is because I have been using it and loving it for almost two years now. In fact, I love it so much that I have recommended it to my mother! And I’ve never recommend anything to my mother that wasn’t the best!

HMA is a software that re-routes your internet connection between your computer and your Internet service provider through one of their 149 US based servers.  What this does is it allows your computer to virtually reside in the United States of American thus allowing you to access the great music site Spotify.

Step 2: Download HMA and Virtually Reside in the USA

After signing up for your HMA account click on the link on the top left of your account page:

Download HMA To Get Spotify

After the program downloads, launch the dashboard and change one setting to make the most of HMA.

The setting I recommend that you change is the “quick VPN country change” and you’re going to want to set it to select a random server in the USA based on geographical locations.

This ensures that you are going to connect to a new and random server each time and that server is as close to wherever you are outside of the USA.  Here is the visual on what this step should look like:

Set Up HMA To Get Spotify Outside USA

Step 3: Download The Spotify Application

Since you have successfully change the virtual location of your computer from the country you are in now to the United States you should be able to go back to clear your browser history and then refresh

This time the page should look very different as they want you to download spotify so you can start to listen to millions of songs for free.  Hey, who are we to complain about millions of songs for free?!?!?

Go ahead, click that big green button that is just tempting you to download Spotify:

Download Spotify Outside The USA

Since 1 day online in internet time is equal to 10 normal days (internet time like like “dog years“) Spotify might have decided that they wanted to have a new look so the chance that the page looks different than above it high.  In the event that they have in fact changed the design of their page just look for the navigation menu option that says “get spotify” and then you will have three options to choose from:

Download Spotify From Anywehre Download Options

Unless you are planning to use Spotify’s music in a commercial setting like a dental or medical office, coffee shop or store I suggest that you sign up for the free option to get started.  Unless you are going to have this playing all day, every day, then it’s very unlikely that you will hit the monthly rate limit that gets imposed in the free level.  If you do, then you can always upgrade down the road but for now the free plan should offer you more music than you can listen to.

The next step is where all the fun starts!

Step 4: Listen To Spotify From Anywhere Outside of the USA

Thanks to the amazing people over at HMA you can now experinece all that Spotify has to offer as if you were residing in the USA.  The best part is that you don’t have to pack your bags and move to the US to do so.  Since I showed you how to virtually reside in the USA to unblock great free content like Spotify I hope that you enjoy all the amazing tunes that Spotify outside of the USA has to offer!

Listen To Spotify From Anywhere

The Bottom Line About Getting Spotify Outside of the USA

Don’t simply enter your email address at Spotify and hope that they send you a magical email before you’re old a gray.  Take action and follow the 4 easy steps (they are so easy that step 4 is “listen to Spotify”) and you’ll be jamming to, your pick, of over 8 millions song for free in no time!

I understand that HMA isn’t free but trust us… it’s worth at least 10 times what it costs per month (click here to see the pricing plans).

How Much Would 8 Million Songs Cost At iTunes?

The easiest way to see the value of HMA is just imagine that every single one of the songs you can access on Spotify weren’t free and you had to buy them for $0.99 from iTunes you’d be looking at a massive $7,920,000 bill!  That makes the $6.55/month that HMA charges a LOT more reasonable now doesn’t it?!?

Pro Tip: HMA offers a full 30-day time period where you can request your money back. Since HMA makes it risk free to try their service I recommend that you take advantage of the huge 43% discount that they offer if you sign up for the year rather then paying month-to-month. Might as well lock in the big discount since you have a full 30-days to make up your mind.

If you’re excited to rock out to Spotify from anywhere outside of the USA please do us a huge favor and share this step-by-step  guide with all of your friends on Facebook? Thanks!

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Madison G June 25, 2013 at 10:25 pm

I love Pandora for finding new artists but I absolutely love Spotify for listening to the song or artist that I want, whenever I want. Thanks for making this guide for us non-techy people to follow.


Brent July 15, 2013 at 4:26 pm

Glad that being able to get Spotify has improved your listening experience.


Connor S July 9, 2013 at 1:08 am

Wait… I can get Spotify too!?!? Music to my ears 🙂


Brent July 15, 2013 at 4:26 pm

haha, nice pun!


Kate December 26, 2013 at 6:22 pm

A friend of mine was telling me how much better they liked Spotify compared to Pandora so I had to give it a try. Now that Spotify is free on mobile I’d say it’s just another amazing option I can now listen to thanks to your website. Thanks Brent!


Brent December 27, 2013 at 10:28 pm

I really like Spotify for listening to artist I already know about as you can listen to all of their songs one after the other. What I really like about Pandora is that it helps me discover new artists that I wouldn’t know about otherwise. Thanks for the comment.


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