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How To Unblock SkypeFor most of the world, logging into Skype and making a free or very inexpensive call to friends and family around the world is something we don’t think twice about.

For people living in places like (but not limited to) Belize, Brazil, Cuba, Germany, Jamacia, Oman, Qatar and the UAE where Skype is blocked they aren’t able to make cheap international calls or the free computer-to-computer calls that we know and love as Skype users.

There are many different reasons why Skype is blocked in various countries.

These reasons range from protectionism favoring the local phone carriers to censorship, bandwidth control, fear of improper use and security concerns.

Whatever their reasons, there is a way that you can unblock Skype while you’re living in or visiting the countries where Skype is otherwise blocked.

How To Unblock Skype

The process to unblock Skype is relatively simple and very easy to set up.

If can be unblocked on, and I will show you in this guide, your computer, your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and even your Android smartphones and Android tablets.

What you need to do is set yourself up so you can virtually reside in the another country.

In order to reside in another country that allows Skype you’re going to want to get yourself a Pro VPN account at HMA.

What HMA allows you to do is establish a secure connection between your computer or device and one of their 441 servers in 61 countries around the world.

How To Choose Your “New” Country

The country that you’re going to want to virtually reside in will depend on which country you are going to be calling with Skype.

For example, if you’re going to be calling the UK then I suggest that you virtually reside in the UK so you can take advantage of the $0.019/minute price for pay as you go calls to UK landlines.

If you’re going to be calling Canada or the USA than I recommend virtually residing in Canada or the USA as this will get you the best rates to call those countries as well.

The great news about being an HMA member is that you will have access to all 61 countries where they have servers and to move from one country to another is as simple as a few mouse clicks.

Here is an image showing the location of the 441 servers across 61 countries around the world:

HMA Server Location Map

Since Skype’s rates can vary dramatically from country to country it’s nice to know that you have access to servers in so many different countries around the world.  Check out the Skype rates here.

How To Set Up HMA To Unblock Skype On Your Computer

Setting up HMA is easy.  The first thing you will need to do is sign up for HMA.

After you get signed up and logged into your account you will want to download HMA by clicking on the “download” link on the left side of the screen:

Download HMA to Access Skype

After you download this light weight program you will want to then select the country you want to virtually reside in.  In this example I’m going to choose any of the 10 closest servers based in the United States as seen below:

Unblock Skype With HMA

Once HMA connects you to one of their secure and encrypted servers you will now be able to go to www.skype.com and download and use Skype at the local rates for the country you are now virtually residing within.

How To Set Up HMA To Unblock Skype On Your iPhone or iPad

Perhaps the most important and useful think to know, especially when traveling or out of your home or office is to know how to unblock Skype on your iPhone or iPad.

The process behind the scenes at HMA is exactly the same.  You are being connected to one of their servers in another country thus allowing you to virtually reside in that country.

Although these steps might look a little daunting I want to ensure you that if you follow each step one at a time you will be able to access Skype on your iPhone, iPad or even your iPod Touch thanks to HMA Pro VPN.  Most of these steps are simply tapping an icon or button.  Here are the steps:

Skype Unblocked On iPhone : Steps 1-6

You will need to log into your HMA account in order to get the information that you will need for step 6.  Here is where you will find this information:

Unblock Skype iPhone Steps 7-8

Make sure you use the username and password that is shows by the big red arrow #1 above when plugging step 6 on your iPhone or iPad.  This username and password is different than the main username and password that you use to log into your HMA account.

Next you will want to finish the configuration of HMA and then launch the Skype app.

Unblock Skype iPhone iPad : Steps 9-14

NOTE: The Skype app is not available in every iTunes store around the world.  If you cannot access Skype in your country you will likely need to set yourself up a US iTunes account.

Thanks to HMA you now have the ability to virtually reside in 61 different countries around the world.

Since you can virtually pack up and move to a country where Skype is allowed you can unblock Skype and make cheap “local” and international calls around the world.

Click here to sign up for HMA now and start unblocking Skype today then call your parents and/or siblings because you really should talk to them more often.

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Ian Johnston December 26, 2013 at 6:31 pm

I can get skype where I live but the local rate when I virtually reside in the US is so much cheaper. My subscription to HMA pays for itself many times over just from the savings I get when calling with Skype. Throw in things like being able to access the American Netflix, Hulu, BBC and all the others and this IS the best thing since sliced bread.


Brent December 27, 2013 at 10:22 pm

Glad to hear that your small investment in HMA pays you back many time in return when saving on your Skype calls. Thanks for commenting!


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