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How To Watch Hulu In AustraliaWhat a disappointment!!  Maybe you first heard about Hulu thru a close friend in the US and like most of us you probably ran to your computer only to find that Hulu Australia is blocked.

It’s blocked just because you live in Australia; due to silly licensing rules and regulations. Simply put, Hulu is able to identify your computer’s IP address (giving away your computers location) and block you from accessing Hulu In Australia.

As you have probably heard already, Hulu has tons of amazing content.  It has the most popular TV shows and lots of great movies as well.

I know quite a few people who have even cancelled their cable services and mainly use Hulu to watch all their favorite shows.  It saves them some serious cash each and every month!

After I first experienced the blocked disappointment, I became determined to find a solution around this restriction.  That’s when I discovered an incredible service that I call HMA.

HMA is the very best VPN software solution available and it will allow you to have a USA IP address anytime you want.  This then unblocks Hulu Australia.

HMA is the best solution I’ve found.  Not only is it rock solid in its reliability but it also has a huge amount of IP addresses from locations throughout the world.   This is critical with VPN’s so that if one of their IP addresses gets blocked there are more you can use instead.  Other VPN services are less reliable due to the limited amount of unique IP addresses that they have.

Step #1: Go Straight Away to HMA

The first step in getting Hulu Australia is to head on over to HMA. You’ll have to enter some registration information and select a payment plan.  WHAT?!? Payment plan?  Yes, unfortunately there is a small monthly fee to get HMA.  However, I have been using HMA myself for close to 2 years now and its amazing.

Plus its really very very reasonably priced at only 6.55 per month it’s less than a movie theater popcorn!  Its probably also less than two lattes from your local coffee shop.

Step #2: Downloadand Set Up HMA Software

Now that your all registered with HMA you have access to their incredibly powerful software.  You just need to follow the on screen instructions to download and power it up.  You’ll need to login with your new username and password.

Download HMA To Watch Hulu From Australia

Now head on over to the choose location option.  We recommend setting up this option by choosing a server located out of Japan.  Yes Japan, now I understand that this website is called “Unblocking The USA” but Japan also has access to Hulu and its so much closer to Australia.  This will help to ensure a nice fast connection.

The Next Step To Set Up To Watch Hulu In Australia

For some very strange reason the ads that Hulu runs at the start of each show can load very slowly and the picture can be very choppy. Be patient as once you get through the ad, it is very fast and plays just fine. Also, if you’re not able to get this working using the HMA servers in Japan then change your server to one in the USA. There are way more servers in the USA than Japan so you shouldn’t have a problem.

Step #3: Watch Hulu Australia Whenever You Want

The third step might just be the very best of them all but you might have a hard time deciding which show to watch first.  With so many options available on Hulu it might take you longer to decide which show to watch that it did to get HMA!

Now I’m certain some of you are still reading this post and have yet to be convinced to sign up with HMA.  I get it, I was a bit skeptical at first too.  However, to prove how serious I take my recommendation of this service I can legitimately claim that I have recommended this service to my mother.  I don’t know about you… but you don’t recommend bad service to your Mom!

Ok, still not impressed?  We’ll how about not only getting access to Hulu Australia but with HMA you also get access to the US Netflix library (if you have a Netflix account).  How about access to Pandora Internet Radio or Spotify?  Yup, those are unblocked too with HMA.

HMA also offers a no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee.  Now I doubt you’ll need to ask for a refund once you experience this amazing software but I understand that you want to find out for yourself risk free.  Well there you go, a risk free opportunity to try out HMA and start watching Hulu Australia today.

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Jim R June 25, 2013 at 10:27 pm

I was in Australia for many extended business trips and will be there more in the coming months. Being able to access Hulu in Australia has allowed me to catch up on my shows while being away from home.


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