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Rate this post is great.  It has tons of FREE shows available for those who live in the US.  Unfortunately, in the past if you live in Europe you were out of luck since there is no Hulu Europe.  Hulu is only available for those who live in the USA….until now.  😉

That means Canada, Mexico, Australia, and yes….Europe all have to suffer without Hulu. But this doesn’t have to be the case.  There is a secret way to get Hulu Europe and is here to show you how.

Getting Hulu Europe takes a bit of knowledge and a secret tool.

The knowledge is to understand how Hulu is being blocked.  Every computer has a unique address (similar to how your home has an address). This address tells websites where your computer is located throughout the world.  Then these sites can block certain addresses from accessing their content.

I like to think if these blocks as airport security.  If you don’t have a passport…good luck getting past.

So what you need to do is get a passport.  If you get a US passport for your computer, then you are not longer restricted from geographically blocked site such as Hulu Europe.

The good news is that I have found the perfect computer passport generator.  Its a software tool called Hide My Ass.

HMA is an expert computer passport generator.  They take your internet connection and reroute it through one of there 400+ secure servers.  This then hides your current location and gives you a new location (like America).

Get Your Hulu Europe Passport

Start here…to start the sign up process.  Its fast and easy and the most difficult choice you’ll need to answer is how many euros to save.  That’s right!  HMA is so affordable that you probably spend more per month on a deli sandwich than HMA.

PLUS when you throw in the risk free nature of HMAs return policy you have every reason to give this incredible software a try.

Next you will now be allowed to access the “members only” download area.  This page allows you to select and operating system and download the program.

Hulu Europe

Once fully installed you will login and just need to make one simple setup change.  Go ahead and select the option to randomize the 10 nearest US cities.  That way you’ll never have to worry about setup again.

HMA Dashboard for Hulu From Europe

Now with HMA all setup your ready to allow HMA to connect to VPN.  It’ll normally take a few seconds for this process to complete.

Now you should be virtually located within the United States and that means you can now jump on over to and begin looking for a great Show or Movie to watch.  So take a few minutes to share with your family in friends how to get Hulu Europe.

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