Hulu Hong Kong Is Simple With This Trick

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Hong Kong Skyline At NightHong Kong…what a great place to live!

There are so many great reasons to live in or visit Hong Kong.

From the amazing views from Victoria Peak to the lively markets, the amazing public transit, being so close to Macau or being able to take a nice long soak in the Infinity Pools.

That’s why its such a shame that you don’t have access to the most amazing free TV show website ever…yes, I’m talking about Hulu.

Well, that’s not quite true….see, there IS a way to get 100% access to Hulu Hong Kong.  All you need is a software solution called a HMA.

The beauty of HMA is it’s simplicity. You see, all it does is make your computer seem like its located somewhere else. HMA reroutes your internet connection through one of the servers in Japan (or using a server in the USA works too).  So by having your computer “virtually” reside in Japan you’ll have compete and total access to Hulu in Hong Kong!

Now in order for this to be reliable, you’ll need a high quality VPN and the VPN I recommend (mainly because I’ve been using it for nearly 2 years now) is HMA.   HMA has over 343 VPN servers in 53 countries and when it comes to reliability, the more servers the better.

The other reason I recommend HMA is because of the user interface is super easy to use.  To see just how easy, check out our step by step guide below… you’ll have complete access to all your favorite Hulu content right from the comfort of your Hong Kong home.

Before doing anything else, you will need to get signed up with HMA.  This is a quick process and you’ll just need to follow HMA’s the on screen instructions.

HMA is unfortunately, not free :(…however, the monthly price is so worth it when compared to the amount of value it provides.   It’s less than a couple of trips to a McDonald’s value menu!!  Plus you might as well give it a trial run, since HMA has an awesome 30-day money back guarantee.  If your not happy with the product within 30 days, then just return it for a full refund.

Now that your signed up with HMA, you can head on over to their download software page.  On this page you can download HMA’s Pro VPN software.

After just a few clicks the software will download to your computer.

Hulu Hong Kong HMA Download Page

Next, you just need to launch your new Pro VPN software and sign in.  You’ll need to enter you personal username and password in order to connect fully to the software.

Now that the software is running and ready to connect, I have a couple of setup recommendations for you.  First, I recommend that you choose a city located in Japan.  You could also choose a USA city, since both the US and Japan have access to Hulu’s webpage.  However, Japan is geographically closer which keeps the internet connection nice and fast.

Choose a Japan HMA Server For Hulu Hong Kong

 Well that’s it!! Once your Pro VPN is connected, you now have full access to Hong Kong Hulu.  Now you just need to figure out which show you want to watch first.

By my count there are 333 different networks that you will be able to access once you’re using HMA.  Check them out:

The 333 Hulu Networks You Can Access From Hong Kong

Now, that’s a LOT of free TV!  You could probably even think about cancelling your cable or satellite provider now that you can access Hulu Hong Kong thanks to HMA!

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