Hulu In India Is Possible With This Trick

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If you want to get Hulu in India then you just need a VPN.

For reasons beyond me, Hulu is not by default available to anyone outside the USA.  For a lot of people once they discover that, they get angry and say something like ” well that’s unfair”.

That’s because, Hulu is an amazing FREE internet tv / movie service provider.  If you have never experienced Hulu then I hate to say that you’ve been missing out.

FREE TV Shows and Movies on demand.  And not just bad shows and movies but GREAT shows and movies.

How does a VPN allows you to get access to Hulu India?

Very simply a VPN acts like a middle man between your computer and the sites you visit.  So basically you hire a USA based middle man and your magically allowed to access Hulu India.

The reason is that Hulu thinks your located in the US because its talking to your US based middle man.

I recommend you choose HMA as your US middle man.  First, HMA is very easy to use and navigate. Second, its reliable and just plain works.  Finally, HMA is a UK based company so their are severs located reasonably close to India keeping the connection nice and fast.

Step by Step

Here’s the step by step guide to accessing Hulu from India

Step one:  Head on over to HMA and get signed up.  You’ll need to answer a couple of simple questions and choose a membership package.

For the best deal go with the 12 month package.

Plus,  HMA has a generous 30 day guarantee policy.  Not satisfied?  Return it.  However, I’ve got a feeling your gonna love HMA.

Once your a HMA insider, you can access their download page.  This page has all the major computer operating system choices.  Just select the one that matches your computer.


Hulu in India

Let that software package download onto your computer and once its finished go ahead and run the install program.

Now you should be able to double click in the HMA icon to lunch their Pro VPN software.  Just login using the information you used during your initial signup phase, choose a US based city and hit connect to VPN.

Use HMA To Get Hulu From India

Suggestion:  For best results I recommend that you choose one of 3 server locations that are actually located in the UK and 2 locations where the servers in The Netherlands however to Hulu (and Netflix, etc.) they look to be in America.  By choosing 1 of these 5 servers, you should get a nice and speedy connection as they are closer to India than the US.

Ok your now all set and ready to watch some Hulu India awesomeness.

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