Pandora Radio Canada Is Possible

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The Complete Guide To Get Pandora In CanadaYou should start a new love affair with Pandora radio Canada today because waiting around for Canada and Pandora to officially tie the knot is like waiting around for a free Porsche  911 to drop in your lap… not gonna happen.

But just because Canada and Pandora can’t seem to take the plunge doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun.

Pandora is worth it.  It’s an amazing music streaming website that puts you in control of your very own radio station.  With Pandora all Canadians can now start moonlighting as DJ’s.  And not just any old DJ but one who knows what the heck good music sounds like!

Now before I let you into the secret on how to hook up with Pandora, I first want explain to you how you are being restricted.  Every computer and internet connection has a unique identifier, an IP address, that websites can see.  So when you get to a websites virtual border, the border patrol sees your computers geographically based IP address and tells you (and your computer) to take a long walk off a short pier because you’re not getting in the club!

So if only there was an easy way to make the border patrol agents at Pandora radio think your computer is living inside the USA… Well folks, great news!  There is and that’s the secret to getting each and every Canadian a date with the lovely Pandora Radio Canada.

One word HMA. That’s the secret.  HMA is a software program that you download onto your computer.  It only has one function however it does this one function so incredibly well.  It re-routes your internet connection through their secure severs in the USA (or in one of the other 51 countries where their servers reside) and allows you to virtually reside in the United States of America.   With HMA your computer will march up to the virtual website border patrol and get waved in with a wink and a smile.

First Step: Tell HMA You Are Interested

Registering with HMA is simple, fast and easy.  You can rest assured that HMA is worth every loonie. WAIT?!? LOONIE!?!  HMA isn’t free?!

That was my initial reaction too, but here’s the deal…

HMA costs less than what most people spend in a Tim Horton’s every single day.  It’s even possibly less than that last minute splurge purchase of a family sized bag of Combos you just had to get at the gas station and it’s definitely cheaper than buying just 6 songs per month from iTunes (access Pandora 800,000 plus songs or buy 6 songs from iTunes… hmmmm…. you get it.)

Ask HMA Back To Your Place

Now that HMA knows your interested; it’s time to get serious.  Leave the corny pick up lines in your bag because  HMA has a download page where you will download your new secret weapon.  Just carefully follow the step by step instructions to download, install and launch the software onto your computer.  Here is the visual of where to find how to download HMA:

Step 1 To Get Pandora Radio Canada

Now that you have this powerful software it’s worth it to take a few minutes to set it up right. We recommend choosing to ” randomly select the 10 closest US cities by geography”. This will help keep things unique each time you use HMA, ensuring a solid, fast connection.  Again, the visual:

Step 2 in the Process To Get Pandora Radio Canada

Impress Your Friends With Pandora Radio Canada

Now that you have access to Pandora Radio Canada take time to get to know it.  Set up a radio station that you know will be great by selecting your favorite bands.  Now invite your friends over for a party to impress them with your new amazing station.  While you’re at it, do them a favor and share this page on facebook (buttons to the left) with them so they too can listen to Pandora Radio Canada.

And You’re Still Here?

If you’re still reading then you must be looking for one more reason to hook up with HMA. Well, we have three more reasons for you:

  1. HMA’s 100 percent 30 day money back guarantee. This guarantee takes all the risk out of giving HMA a try. Not happy? No problem, get your money back no questions asked!  (Real affairs do not work this way…)
  2. The next reason is all the other content you can now get besides Pandora.  Canadians are also blocked from other exciting websites such as Hulu, Spotify and the US Netflix library. With HMA you get a passport across those virtual borders too.  You world (wide web) traveler, you!
  3. And last but not least, HMA will make your friends jealous and make you smarter!  The next time you throw a party, launch Pandora, queue up a Hulu show or watch a US only Netflix movie.  You’ll be everyone’s new favorite best friend if you share this trick with them.

>> Click here to sign up for HMA <<

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